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Reaching Kids for Christ!

You are celebrating your 95th birthday. You co-founded a ministry in 1950 that currently reaches over 2 million children each week around the world. You have led countless children and adults to Jesus Christ. Got the picture? Now, while you are at your birthday celebration, you challenge the attendees with this simple question. In four words or less, what is your primary goal?

Consider your answer? So what did you come up with?

If you are Art Rorheim, your answer in two words is this: "MORE KIDS... Let's reach MORE KIDS for Christ!" That is Art. It's about reaching MORE KIDS for Christ!!

Well that challenge wasn't just left behind at the celebration. Awana has rekindled its prayer statement that all children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. It is coming across in our curriculum, training, and fresh recommitted attitudes of why we are doing what we are doing.

Our Hitting the Mark training module is a 2.5 day event that concentrates on training the leaders of a new Awana club so that they may go back and train their leaders. It is the best possible training a new church can get for equipping ministry leaders to launch strong Awana clubs. It is also available to churches that already run Awana and will strengthen their club so it can be the best it can be to reach more kids.

Not only has Awana refurbished it's training module, they have also released new curriculum to reach even more kids. One of the new curriculum offerings is called TruthSeekers. TruthSeekers evolved as a result of serving children around the world and understanding that the principles learned there could be applied here at home. From these lessons a simple and affordable curriculum that lays a strong biblical foundation through the chronological teaching of Scripture emerged. It is flexible, adaptable, and affordable to any context. TruthSeekers has proven effective in over 13,000 churches and one million children worldwide. It is perfect for small churches; and easily adaptable for large churches. Even more important is that it remains centered on the gospel and provides a chronological study through the bible with each lesson pointing to Jesus and man's need for the Savior.

In addition to fresh curriculum and training, new web sites have been created to help churches evaluate their ministry needs and then decide which direction they should proceed in. We are here to help them no matter which plan they choose, as long as they are committed to reaching more kids. We are not satisfied with 2 millions kids a week, we want 10 million!

Thank you again for your prayers and support. You are helping reach MORE KIDS! To God be the glory!

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At his 95th birthday celebration, Art Rorheim challenged the attendees to "Reach more kids for Christ!" That is Art. It's about reaching MORE KIDS for Christ!...

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