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Awana Curriculum offered in ESV

Fantastic news! Awana is now offering curriculum in a fourth Bible translation. Awana is thrilled that churches will use materials in ESV to instill biblical truth in children and youth.

The English Standard Version (ESV) gives churches another trusted translation of God's Word for Cubbies (preschool) through Journey (high school). Awana will continue to offer curriculum in:

  • The 1984 New International Version
  • King James
  • New King James

Now available at the Awana online store and in the Awana Ministry Catalog.

Adding ESV is a response to churches requesting use of Awana materials in their preferred translation. The ESV is widely endorsed as a trusted translation of God's Word. Released in 2001 by Crossway Publishing, it provides word-for-word accuracy and literary excellence.

"I have preached and taught from the ESV for almost a decade. I am excited to know that our young people will now grow up learning and memorizing from the same translation that we use throughout the various ministries of the church."
Pastor Craig Jarvis Medinah (Illinois) Baptist Church
"As an essentially literal Bible translation, the ESV is ideally suited for Bible reading, teaching and memorization. It is the preferred translation for a growing number of pastors and churches."
Dr. Lane Dennis Crossway President
"Awana is on the verge of reaching two million kids globally with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Offering curriculum in the ESV takes Awana one step closer to our next goal of reaching 10 million kids worldwide."
Jack Eggar Awana President/CEO

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